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For over 50 years we have been serving the needs of laryngectomees in the Atlanta area with support, information, training and fellowship. We meet on a regular basis at the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Emory University, 1762 Clifton Rd., room 1260. We do not know for sure when the first support group for laryngectomees was started in Atlanta, and we are still searching for this information. We know that it went under the name of "Largyyngectomee Planning Group" and that it was sponsored by the American Cancer Society. When in 1974 Jane Del Vechio joined the group, she suggested the name "Greater Atlanta Voice Masters". More about: About Us

February 1, 2016New Location

EmoryWe are making some changes with our club. Stan Wilson retired in January and the room we used, near his office, is no longer available. We decided to move our club to Emory Midtown. We have chosen to meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 12:00 noon.
We are very excited about these changes. This will give Meryl and the other SLPs more of a chance to participate. Also we will get more vendors to come and visit with us. We think it will be a lot easier to come at noon, to avoid the worst traffic times and not have to drive at night. We thought that for folks that are still working, maybe they could take a longer lunch hour. We hope this will allow us to be available to more participates.
This year we will be moving around in different rooms so we will announce each month where we will be. This month it is going to be Glenn Classroom 1 in the Glenn Building at Emory Midtown. Moreabout: Meetings

April 17, 2015Easy as 1...2...Screen...

EmoryDuring the nationwide Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, on April 17, 2015 from 8:00 to 12:00 Head and Neck Clinic at Emory University Hospital Midtown performed free oral, head and neck screening to anyone who walked in the door. 84 people were screened in 4 hours. Two were referred for further head and neck evaluation, two for general ENT, two for GI, three for primary care, and two for dental care. Moreabout: Emory Cancer Screening

March 23, 2015Annual Free Head and Neck Cancer Screening

EmoryAnnual Free Head and Neck Cancer will be held Friday, April 17 from 8:00-12:00 at Emory University Hospital Midtown - Medical Office Tower, Head and Neck Clinic on 9th floor.
Our speech pathologist Ms. Meryl Kaufman is inviting GAVM members to participate as a volunteers and be a part of this great event. Doctors with the Emory Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, will be on hand from 8am until noon at Emory University Hospital Midtown to give free head and neck cancer screenings to anyone who walks in the door. Beside the free exam Emory doctors, nurse practitioners, speech pathologists and a volunteer crew that includes cancer survivors, will answer questions and provide educational support.
If you are interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Ms. Meryl Kaufman at to sign up. Also, please help spread the word to friends and family to come GET SCREENED!! For more information please see the event listing.

January 1, 2015Stan Wilson at Agnes Scott

Agnes Scott campusAgnes Scott College became a tobacco free campus on January 1st 2015. The Employee Wellness Center thought that inviting someone from the Greater Atlanta Voicemasters to address them to advertise the tobacco-free campaign and to encourage current smokers to quit would be a great kickoff for the Great American Smokeout event in November. When the desire to smoke conflicts with those requesting a smoke-free environment, the need for smoke-free air will take priority. Moreabout: Stan Wilson at Agnes Scott

December 2, 2014Voicemasters in the News

NewsWe are establishing new "room" in the virtual house of the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters. To access it please go to the "hallway" People and open the door "Voicemasters in the News." Many of our people are involved in different activities that are recognzied and published in newspapers, radio and TV. So, if your name is in the news please let us know and we will post it on our website. So far we have contributions from our Janice Hayes and Tina Long. Moreabout: Voicemasters in the News

June 12, 2014June 2014 meeting

June 2014We have had a very good June meeting before the summer break. There were seven larys, two caregivers and two speech pathologists. We remembered our Judy Naglit. We lost her in June 2004, but she is still with us. She was a very active member of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters. She visited new laryngectomy patients, edited our newsletter Happy Talk, participated in Relay for Life and raised money for American Cancer Society. Moreabout: June 2014

June 8, 2014Judy Naglit - 10 year anniversary

Judy NaglitTen years ago we lost one of the most dedicated members of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters. Our very active Judy Naglit lost her third battle with cancer. Personally I lost a great friend, one on the first and best I made after we had moved to the States. Judy was my big supporter and she helped to me when I needed help the most. She helped me to accept myself after my laryngectomy, encouraged me to do things I believed I would not be able to do anymore and taught me to enjoy life even when I was facing something very bad such as cancer. Moreabout: Judy Naglit - 10 year anniversary

June 13, 2013Meeting under the tornado warning

Jim MartinThe last meeting before the summer break was very well attended. Even bad weather did not discourage our members to come together and welcome our guest speaker Julie K. Bishop-Leone, a speech pathologist employed as the Senior Clinical Education Specialist for ATOS Medical, Inc. During our meeting at the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Emory University, Atlanta was undera tornado warning and we heard warning sirens sound at Emory University Campus. But we were not in any danger. Our host Mr. Stan Wilson told us that our meeting room is also a perfect shelter.
Ms. Bishop-Leone talked about laryngectomy HME solutions, and she answered a lot of questions from lanyngectomees who may be experiencing difficulties maintaining a functional seal with their HME baseplate, FreeHands HME, LaryButton and/or LaryTube. Placement and removal procedures and tips to maintaining a good seal were also discussed. We also exchanged our own experiences with HME and tried to answer lot of questions from the people who have recently had their laryngectomy surgery.

June 3, 2013A laryngectomee talks to kids

Jim MartinThis UNC-TV clip shows laryngectomee Jim Martin talk to schoolchildren about dangers of smoking and to NC lawmakers about making the state legislature smoke free.

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May 27, 2013June Meeting

June 2013 MeetingWe are going to have a special meeting in June! We will start the June meeting an hour early at 6:30 pm. This meeting we will be doing a workshop/ mini clinic put together with Julie Bishop-Leone CCCSLP with ATOS, Scott Brooks RN BSN, also with ATOS and Emory's Meryl Kaufman, M.Ed,CCC-SPL-BRS-S. This is going to be a meeting you will not want to miss! Hope to see you!

November/December 2012Inexpensive Electrolarynx

ElectrolarynxAt the last two meetings in November and December our guest speakers were Gary Abott from InHealth and Scott Brooks from Atos Medical. Both representatives brought us some good news about new and future products for laryngectomees. But best of all have been the news that both leading laringectomy supply providers are now offering decent quality and low costs electrolarynxes. Moreabout: Inexpensive Electrolarynx

September 13, 2012New home anniversary

EmoryOur September meeting was actually a very important anniversary. On September 8th 2011 we first came to our "new house" in the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Emory University, 1762 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30329. Since September 2009 and until we came back to Emory Greater Atlanta Voice Masters meetings were held at Saint Joseph's Hospital. In 2009 we moved from Emory to St. Joseph after Wesley Woods Terrace at Emory was no longer available. We searched for a new location and accepted the generous offer from St. Joe's Cancer Survivors' Network to use the very nice facilities there. Moreabout: New Home Anniversary

March 13, 2012Dallas Harris (1933 - 2012)

Dallas HarrisOur Dallas Harris passed away on Tuesday, March 13, 2012. Dallas has had his laryngectomy surgery in January 2009. He joined Greater Atlanta Voice Masters right after recovery and together with his wife Doris he was one of the most active members. He was a big fighter and big inspiration for other cancer patients. Dallas always spread optimism and hopes when he talked at our larynx cancer survivors group. He will be greatly missed.
Mr. Harris had been the owner of Harris Furniture Co. for 25 years.. He is survived by his wife, Doris Harris, his 3 children: Sheila Jo Hatcher of Stockbridge, Dollice W. Harris, Jr. and wife Sherry of Stockbridge, and Belinda Diane Cooper of Stockbridge, 7 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.
An obituary for Mr. Harris can be seen here.

February 12, 2012Six more minutes of fame

Tina Long on Public Affairs on Peach On February 12th 2012 our Tina Long, who is involved in several campaigns against tobacco use in Georgia, was talking about the evils of tobacco on the program Public Affairs on Peach which is broadcast on Peachtree TV (WPCH).

All three segments of the episode can be found on Public Affairs on Peach's Youtube channel:
Episode 130 Segment 1/3
Episode 130 Segment 2/3
Episode 130 Segment 3/3

February 10, 2012Laryngectomees Loving Life - LLL

Laryngectomees Loving LifeThis film was made for Laryngectomees by Laryngectomees with a lot of help from WTRC and the IAL. The film illustrates that life does not have to end with the surgery, but can even improve and blossom post op. When you are done watching the video, if you want further information about the video please contact us via email at
Please sit back and enjoy ... it's only 26 minutes long.

January 11, 2012Dr Itzhak Brook: Ventilation of laryngectomees

Dr. Itzhak BrookVentilation of laryngectomees and other neck breathers is often inappropriate and may lead to devastating consequences.
Laryngectomees who require anesthesia or sedation (ie for dental procedure, or colonoscopy) often encounter health carecproviders that are not familiar with their anatomy and the proper methods for their ventilation. I have prepared a 12 minutes video about Rescue Breathing for Laryngectomees and Neck Breathers. This is available in a form of a CD and is also available now for viewing on Youtube.
A link to it is also available through my website which has useful information for laryngectomees (on medical and psychological issues)and updates.
Viewing this video by emergency room personal and anaesthesists can be life saving. I will be happy to send you a CD of the video. Please send me your address if you are interested. My email address is or
Itzhak Brook MD MSc
Professor of Medicine Georgetown University
Washington DC USA

December 9, 2011Tina's radio-story

Tina Long CelloEveryone who has faced total laryngectomy surgery, regardless of cause, which can be throat cancer or throat injuries in traffic and other accidents, wakes up as a completely mute person. And everyone is worried: "will be I able to talk again?" Our Tina Long has had her laryngectomy surgery more than a decade ago. Thanks to a complicated procedure of completely removing her vocal box Tina survived cancer, and she is cancer free today. But like every laringectommee, Tina had lost her voice and was scared to death about it. Fortunately, like most of us Tina were able to recover her speech ability and is now able to express herself in two nice voices. Here is her radio-story "Throat Cancer", broadcast on PBA - Public Broadcasting Atlanta, and published on their websiteabout: Tina Long on PBA (external link)

December 8, 2011Christmas gathering 2011

Christmas TreeOn December 8th Members of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters come together at Emory for our 2011 holiday party. We shared food and drinks and lot of stories and private pictures taken during the year 2011. Some, like Janice, were proud showing their grandchildren, but pictures of dogs and cats were also stored in the phones and other intelligent pieces of modern technology. Moreabout: Christmas gathering 2011

November 26, 2011Let's Work Together to change a Medicare Rule!

MedicareThe International Association of Laryngectomees Board of Directors passed a resolution in November 2011 urging all U.S. clubs and their individual members to communicate with Medicare and their Congressional representatives in order to change reimbursement rules for the indwelling TEP prosthesis. The Association requests that ALL laryngectomees, regardless of their method of speaking or individual situations, join together in this effort. With only about 50,000 laryngectomees in the United States we must be willing to stand together in support of one another. Moreabout: Change Medicare Rule (external link)

November 10, 2011Stanley Wilson is the new GAVM Vice-president

Stanley WilsonMr. Stanley Wilson is new Greater Atlanta Voice Masters vice-president and visitors coordinator. He accepted this position at our November 2011 meetinmg. To contact Mr. Wilson and schedule a preoperative or postoperative hospital visit please call please call 770.312.6404, or e-mail at Moreabout: Stan Wilson new vice president

September 8, 2011Back to Emory

Emory CrestOur "new house" is the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Emory University, 1762 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30329. In the last two years since September 2009 Greater Atlanta Voice Masters meetings were held at Saint Joseph's Hospital. We changed our meeting location after Wesley Woods Terrace at Emory was no longer available. We searched for a new location and accepted the generous offer from St. Joe's Cancer Survivors' Network to use the very nice facilities there. We are all thankful for this opportunity. But since we changed the meeting location we have very few people attending the meetings. At our June 2011 meeting we discussed the possibility of finding a new meeting location at Emory, because most of our members are Emory patients and they are more familiar with the Emory location. Our member Stanley Wilson, who is an Emory employ, offered us a very nice meeting room at the Emory Environmental Health and Safety Office. Access to the new location is easy, we have free parking, access to internet and possibility to use all kinds of technical support during our meetings and other activities.

May 14, 2011We lost Jodeen Ducharme

Jodeen DucharmeOur Jodeen Ann Dirkers Ducharme, passed away on May 7, 2011, after a long battle with cancer. She is survived by her husband of 36 years, Jean Marc Ducharme II, her two daughters Darcy Ducharme and Danielle Ducharme Wunn, a son-in-law Chris Wunn and a granddaughter, Arabella Wunn, a step-son John Ducharme of Augusta, a daughter-in-law Paulina Ducharme and two grandsons Marco and Oliver Ducharme. She also is survived by four brothers, nieces and nephews, and a host of friends and relatives scattered across the nation and world who will cherish her memory. Moreabout: Jodeen Ducharme

May 13, 2011Relay for Life Adams Stadium 2011

Relay for Life candle burningIn the past few years Greater Atlanta Voice Masters was not officially represented at American Cancer Society Relay For Life events, but our members are individually still a part of this celebration of life and cancer survivorship. Moreabout: Relay for Life 2011

May 7, 2011Sharon's Smile

Sharon RhodesOn May 7, family, friends and coworkers came together in the Hospice Atlanta Chapel to say farewell to our Sharon Rhodes. Sharon passed away on December 10, 2010, but she hated winter an asked her husband Craig not to hold a memorial service before spring. Craig followed her wishes and scheduled the memorial service for May. She loved sunshine, flowers, life. May 7th was a pretty sunny day in Atlanta, blooming flowers, singing birds, blue sky and zephyr. That was the day for celebrating the life of Sharon Rhodes. Moreabout: Sharon's Smile

March 22, 2011Farewell Captain Dan

Dan LewisOur last larynx cancer survivor from the eighties, Daniel Jones Lewis, Jr. (78) passed away on March 19th 2011. He was buried at Mt. Harmony Memorial Gardens in Mabelton, GA on March 22nd 2011. There was a graveside service attended by family members and friends. Greater Atlanta Voice Masters was represented by Janice Hayes, president, Shirley Olson, vice-president and Conrad Kerwath, member of Board. More about: Farewell Captain Dan

March 7, 2011Charles Hubbard has passed away

Charles HubbardOur oldest member and one of the founders of the modern Greater Atlanta Voice Masters, Mr. Charles Hubbard , Jr., 100, of College Park, GA passed on February 25, 2011 after a short illness. His funeral service was held on March 7th at Friendship Community Church in College Park. He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery in College Park, GA. On the memorial service for Charles in name of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters our Board member Boris Jovanovic expressed reflections on Mr. Hubbard. More about: Charles Hubbard has died

December 2010 - February 2011Farewell Sharon

Sharon RhodesOn Friday December 10th our Sharon Rhodes lost her last and most challenging battle in her long war against cancer. Sharon will be missed a lot. She was a great fighter against the illness and big inspiration for other larynx cancer patient. Sharon Rhodes has had her laryngectomy surgery on October 31st 2008 and just after two and half months became a GAVM patient visitor. Nobody else started to visit other patients so quickly.
Sharon hated winter an asked her husband Craig not to hold a memorial service before spring. Craig followed her wishes and scheduled the memorial service for May 7th at 1:00. The memorial service for Sharon will be held at the Hospice Atlanta Chapel, 1224 Park Vista Drive, Atlanta GA 30319.

November 21, 2010Charles Hubbard appreciation day

Charles HubbardAt our November meeting we celebrated Mr. Charles Hubbard's 100th birthday. Mr. Hubbard is the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters member who has been the club member and cancer survivor the longest. He has been a member since 1987 and cancer survivor for more than 30 years. Congratulations!!! More about: Charles Hubbard appreciation day

October 31, 2010Happy Birthday dear Charles, Happy Birthday to you!

Charles HubbardOur Charles Hubbard, Greater Atlanta Voice Masters doyen, is celebrating his 100th birthday today. Happy birthday dear Charles, happy birthday to you! This year, back in June he also celebrated 30 years since his laryngectomy surgery. Congratulations dear Charles. You a such a big support and inspiration for all and especially for laryngectomee people and cancer survivors. Our next meeting on November 11th will be dedicated to Charles Hubbard's big round birthday and laryngectomy anniversary. More about: Charles Hubbard turns 100

August 12, 2010Head and Neck Cancer Screening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway

Nascar2.5 hours of your time to help save a life ... not that is too much the comraderie, the fun, teh fans, the air conditioning ... yes, air conditioning. Please feel free to pass this flyer to your family, friends, patients and colleagues. Contact Edie Harper for questions. More about: Nascar Screening 2010

August 8, 2010One pretty usual summer story

Boris Swimming Last year in the August I posted my summer story about a whale shark in the Gulf of Mexico. That was a great once in lifetime experience and I have had a lot of response from the people reading the story and watching the video clip on YouTube. This summer was not that exciting, but I again have a story.More about: Summer 2010

June 10, 2010Great meeting before the summer break

Julie Bishop Our June 10th , last one before the summer break, meeting was fully success. Our guest speaker was Julie K. Bishop-Leone, M.A.,CCC-SLP for a HME SEAL CLINIC. Julie is a speech pathologist employed as the Senior Clinical Education Specialist for ATOS Medical, Inc. She has devoted her 17-year career to speech and swallowing rehabilitation of the head and neck oncology patient with particular interest in laryngectomee rehabilitation. Prior to joining ATOS in 2007, Julie worked as the Clinical Manager of Speech Pathology and Audiology at University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for 10 years and prior to that as a speech pathologist at University of Michigan Medical Center in the Department of Otolaryngology. More about: June 2010 meeting

March 2, 2010Support Group Members at Atlanta VA Medical Center Gave Presentation for the Atlanta Fire Department

AHNCC Sara Chaney (Speech Pathologist), and Rickey Duke and Lee French (two members of the Total Laryngectomy support group at the Atlanta VA Medical Center), recently traveled to the Atlanta Fire Department's Airway Protection Training on February 13, 2010 to give a presentation to an audience of several EMTs and paramedics. More (external link)about:IAL

February 28, 201010 Year Anniversary

Website Ten years ago in February 2000, just two years after we moved in US I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Only someone who was touched with cancer through his own experience or has had a family member diagnosed with cancer know what it means. In addition we just moved here and we were far, far away from being settled on the new continent. I sat and spoke with my wife Ljerka and we figured out that we have a serious job to do. We were both scared, but I promised her that I will fight for my life, for us and our children. She promised to me that she will do everything to support me. More about: 10th Anniversary

January 30, 2010Web site redesign

Website We are working on the our website redesign. In the next few weeks we will have completely redesigned site with the new contests. By visiting our website you will be able to sent you send the questions about laryngectomy and speech rehabilitation after laryngectomy surgery to the Atlanta's medical professionals. On the new website beginning your questions will be answered by Dr. William Grist, Emory Otolaryngologist and Meryl Kaufman, Speech Language Pathologist.
Dr. Grist is specialized in Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery with more than 30 years of experience. Dr. Grist specialized in Bronchoesophagology (Breathing and Swallowing); Head and Neck Cancer (Head and Neck Neoplasm); Laryngology.
Meryl Kaufman of the the Emory Voice Center, Emory Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist with specialization in swallowing disorders and head and neck cancer.
If you have any questions for new website contributors please e-mail it to us at: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx. We will forward it to Mr. Grist and Ms. Kaufman, and you will see the answers very soon.

January 9, 2010Atlanta Head and Neck Cancer Coalition, Inc.

AHNCC We received a letter from the group of Atlanta volunteers dedicated to fight head and neck cancer. This is the same group of medical professionals and other volunteers which has been involved in the Yul Brynner Head and Neck cancer Foundation and The Georgia Chapter of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance. The goal of Atlanta Head and Neck Cancer Coalition is prevention and early detection head and neck cancer. First big event will be The Screening Pit Stop on the Nascar Race at Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 6th and 7th 2010. More about:AHNCC

November 25, 2009The IAL Cookbook is now available

IAL Cookbook The IAL cookbooks have been published and some copies are available for purchase from the IAL office. We are selling the cookbooks for $10.00 each plus an additional $1.00 each for shipping and handling (if you are in the United States). If you would like us to ship the cookbooks to an address out of the United States, please send an e-mail with your shipping address. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can send you a quote on the shipping and handling. The cookbooks would make a great hostess gift or holiday gift. More about: IAL Cookbook

August 26 2009The Summer Story

Boris cartoon First yellow and brown leaves are falling down from the trees and students are going back to school. This means that summer is almost over. GAVM summer break will also end soon and we will come together to our September meeting. I hope that everyone will bring good summer stories and nice pictures to share. I will do it too, but I can not wait until September to tell you my summer story. So, I'm using web guy privilege and posting my story here. But if you have interesting stories and pictures please e-mail it to me and I will post it for you. We have enough space for everybody. More about: The Summer Story

August 13 2009Our new home is St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph's Hospital I am happy to inform all of you that I have secured a meeting room for us at St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta. I feel this is going to be much more convenient place to meet for the majority of us. I am meeting with them next week to see the rooms and get all the information. St. Joe's does have a big Cancer Survivors' Network which I am excited to be partnering with them. We will have our September Meeting at St. Joseph's on September 10th at 7:30.I will keep you all updated when I find out where the rooms are located. I do know that parking will be free for us so no worries there.
Best Regards,
Janice Hayes

August 1 2009GAVM is now homeless

Budd Terrace Our president, Ms. Janice Hayes, received a fax from the Emory which said that we will not be able to use Budd Terrace Building, which was our usual meeting location, any more.
If you have idea about a new GAVM home please e-mail Janice.
Please visit us again and we will try to post new information about our new location and our next meeting schedule.

June 11 2009June 2009 Meeting

June 2009 Meeting Our guest speaker at June 11th meeting was Eva Lukkonen from Emory. Eva is completing her fellowship at Emory and she will be staying in the Atlanta area. She works with Meryl Kaufman CCC SLP. Eva is also an opera singer and we hope she will join us for next GAVM party. More about: June 2009 Meeting

May 16 2009E-mail from Virginia

Email Janice,
Patsy and myself got home here in Radford, Virginia about 8:00 last night. It was a long trip for 2 days but I think Patsy and myself learned more in the 3 hour Mini Voice than I learned in a long time.I don't know if we were supposed to come there for your club meeting but I sure enjoyed it and learned a lot.I wish there were more of these close by so more people could benefit from them.Alma put a Lary Button in and I really like it and I am going to check with the speech therapist I go to to change my prosthesis and see if she can get a rep to come visit her and show her different things that is offered to people like us.
I do want to thank you and Alma and the others that got this together because you will never know what this has meant to me and my wife.I hope you pass this on to the the other people and your club members of how much we appreciate you all letting us come down.If in the future you all do another one I would love to attend again. God bless all and thank you again,
Gary Sparks
Dec 2003

May 14 2009Mini Voice Institute

Mini Voice Institute The GAVM had the first Mini-Voice Institute and it was a huge success. Over 40 people were in attendance. I want to thank all the professionals that gave us their time and talent. So many new Laryngectomees had their voicing problems resolved whether they used an electrolarynx or TEP to speak. More about: Mini Voice Institute

April 29 2009Mini Voice Institute Program

May 14th 2009 starting at 4:00 PM - at Wesley Woods Terrace (Emory Area)
4:00 - welcome by Janice Hayes, president GAVM
4:10 - introduction of speakers and program by Alma Owens speech pathologist
4:20 - Pulmonary Hygiene, Meryl Kaufman speech pathologist
4:35 - First workshop Artificial larynx. Kathleen Presgrove, speech pathologist, Gary Abbott, Scott Brooks
5:00 - Second workshop Esophageal Voice
5:15 - third workshop Tracheoesophageal voice and hands free speaking. J Trad Wadsworth MD, Inge Thomas PhD Speech Pathologist, Gary Abbott, Inhealth Technologies, Scott Brooks, ATOS Medical
6:15 - dinner and visit vendors

January 14 2009My first hospital visit

Emory University Hospital On January 14th, I was given the opportunity to visit a new member to the "Lary club." Being a relatively new member myself (have had my laryngectomy on October 31st 2008) I didn't hesitate to accept the invitation extended as I know, rather, WE know just how scary joining this club can be. More about: First Visit

December 7 2008GAVM holiday party

Xmas Party The Christmas party went off without a hitch and was a lot of fun for all who attended. We had one new couple attend and several of us old ones. The new couple are Sharon and Craig Rhodes. Sharon has only been a "Lary" for about three months at the time of the party. More about: Xmas Party

November 18 2008"Lights, Camerca, RELAY!!!

Relay for Life With a kickoff celebration at the Claremont Presbyterian Church on November 18th the 2009 season of the DeKalb Adams Relay For Life has been opened.The Relay will be held at Adams Stadium on Friday, May 15 - Saturday, May 16 from 7 pm to 7 am. More about: Relay for Life Kickoff

October 25 & 26 2008October Screening - big success!

Nascar The Georgia Chapter of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (formerly the Yul Brynner Foundation) once again implemented a huge free head and neck cancer screening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway during the NASCAR weekend of October 25-27, 2008.More about: Head and Neck Screening

May 11 2008Sunil Kaphai has passed away

Sunil Kaphai Our active member Sunil Kaphai passed away on May 11th 2008. In the last few months Sunil fought again against cancer. A few weeks ago he just finished chemno therapy. Sunil Kaphai was a very active Voicemasters member in the last few years. He was always ready to step out in front of the microphone and sing with an electrolarynx, or to show tricks with play cards at our parties, He enjoyed socializing with another club members a lot, and always participated in our Relay for Life team. We will all miss him a lot. Sunil funeral is on Tuesday, May 13th at 4PM at Wages & Son, 1040 Main St, Stone Mountain. GA.

April 29 2008Relay for Life fundraising

Peter Zecher Greater Atlanta Voice Masters participates in Relay for Life 2008. Our goal is to have ten team members and we have already six team members. Please join out team and help us to raise money for the American Cancer Society to fight back against cancer. If you want to make a donation go to our team's page and click on the name of our member which has invited you to join Greater Atlanta Voice Masters Relay For Life team.

We would like to invite you to join us and be a team member of the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters at the Adams Stadium, North Druid Hills Rd, on May 16, 2008. You will gain an unforgettable experience.

December 15, 2007Our former member Peter Zecher has passed away

Peter Zecher It is with great sadness that I have to report that long time Greater Atlanta Voice Masters member Peter Zecher passed away after a two year battle with cancer on December 14, 2007.
Peter moved to Florida about 5 years ago after he retired from Lockheed. Peter had been an engineer and worked on the L1011 and when they retired the L10ll, Peter decided that he would retire also.More about: Peter Zecher

December 7, 2007Free Cancer (Screening) at Atlanta Motor Speedway

NASCAR The Georgia Chapter of the Yul Brynner Head and Neck Cancer Foundation sponsored its third screening event at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Friday and Saturday October 26-27, 2007. Over 70 people made the trek south to Atlanta Motor Speedway to volunteer their time and efforts to screen the fans of the NASCAR Truck Race Series. 208 people took advantage of the opportunity to be screened for oral and head and neck cancers at this event.More about: Free Cancer Screening

August 3, 2007Our former president David Kilgo has passed away

David Kilgo Our former president and lovely member David Kilgo lost his last battle against cancer. He passed away on August 2rd 2007. Next day viewing was held at the Hastings Funeral Home in Jackson, GA. Hundreds of people came to say farewell to our David and give a hug to Barbara Kilgo, which is a survivor support hero. Just remember the 2003 IAL meeting in Atlanta.

David is greatly missed, not just by his family, but all that knew him.More about: David Kilgo

July 14, 2007Our Tina Long has been elected president of IAL

Tina Long It is great honor for GAVM. On the IAL?s 56th Annual Meeting In Burlington, VT our member Tina Long has been elected to the IAL president, and our president Janice Hayes has been elected to the IAL Board of Directors.
Tina Long has her laryngectomy in 1998, and after that her put in numerous hours speaking to schools, all age groups. Her participated in a "Health Day Seminar" for high school students each spring for 3 years, and met with laryngectomy patients pre-op and post-op since 1999.
For 9 years Tina has been involved with the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters, and she is currently the GAVM treasurer. She has also edited our Newletter Happy Talk from 2004 to 2006.
Congratulations Tina!!!

May 17, 2007Relay for life '07

Yul Brynner Head and Neck The Relay for Life at Adams Stadium was a great time for our GAVM team this year. We had perfect weather. Our tent was decorated with hearts and our team motto was "Have the Heart of a Survivor." It was wonderful to have so many of our GAVM members at the Relay this year. More about: Relay for Life

May 10, 2007Yul Brynner Survivor's Banquet

Yul Brynner Head and Neck The Yul Brynner Survivor Banquet on May 10th was a wonderful evening of fellowship and celebration. The head and neck cancer survivors who attended and the doctors, nurses and speech therapist all shared a delicious meal together. Alma Owens, Speech Pathologist at Emory, was the master of ceremonies. More about: Yul Brynner

March 23, 2007Relay for Life 2007

Relay for Life Greater Atlanta Voice Masters has completed team for Relay For Life 2007. We have ten team members and we have already raised $365.00. If you want to make a donation go to our team page and click on the name of our member which has invited you to join Greater Atlanta Voice Masters Relay For Life team. Thanks a lot!

March 17, 2007Yul Brynner's Head and Neck screening

Yul Brynner NASCAR Months of planning for the Yul Brynner Head and Neck cancer Foundation screening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, was in full swing at the dark and cold dawn of March 17th. Board members from the Georgia chapter of the Yul Brynner Foundation planned the day under the direction from the Hapners. Edie Hapner, speech pathologist at the Emory Voice Center, and Howard, her husband, again arranged our tent. More about: Yul Nascar>

March 8, 2007Yul Brynners statement

Yul Brynner Twenty two years ago, Yul Brynner, dying from lung cancer, made a television commercial that said, "Now that I'm gone, I tell you: Don't smoke, whatever you do, just don't smoke." Brynner was very much alive in January, 1985, when he made this statement on ABC's Good Morning America. But after he died in October of that year, he got his wish. The resulting public service announcement remains one of the most memorable antismoking statements ever made.
Watch the Yul Brynner PSA

March 8, 2007Laryn-Cowboy: You Don't Always Die from Tobacco

Larry Cowboy Greater Atlanta Voice Masters is active in educating young people about the dangers of smoking. Our members, which are cancer survivors, visit Metro Atlanta schools and talk to students. These events are always well attended with students sharing in the discussion. Late last year the following video was uploaded to Youtube.