About Greater Atlanta Voice Masters

For over 50 years we have been serving the needs of laryngectomees in the Atlanta area with support, information, training and fellowship. We meet on a regular basis at Environmental Health and Safety Office at Emory University, 1762 Clifton Rd., room 1260.

We do not know for sure when the first support group for laryngectomees was started in Atlanta, and we are still searching for data. We know that it went under the name of "Largyyngectomee Planning Group" and that it was sponsored by the American Cancer Society. When in 1974 Jane Del Vechio joined the group, she suggested the name "Greater Atlanta Voice Masters".


Who are the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters? We are people from all around the metro-Atlanta area:

  • Any laryngectomized person
  • Their spouse, relatives & friends
  • Speech pathologists & audiologists
  • Nurses, physicians & physical therapists
  • Social workers & psychologists
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselors
  • American Cancer Society employees
  • Any person interested in laryngectomees.


Why is there a Greater Atlanta Voice Masters?
We provide continuing education and information for laryngeactomees and their family and friends, as well as a supportive and caring environment.
Greater Atlanta Voice Masters:

  • Provide a supportive atmosphere that is interesting and stimulation for the laryngectomee and his or her family;
  • Assistance with the many choices faced through home, hospital and telephone visits and by helping patients locate available resources in their community:
  • Are dedicated to supporting and improving the communication of persons who have undergone surgical removal of the larynx;
  • Provide continuing education in many areas of laryngectomee rehabilitation, nursing, medicine, vocational rehabilitation and other areas;
  • Publish helpful information, materials and supplies to laryngectomees, their families and health care professionals;
  • Work in partnership with the American Cancer Society and other cancer-fighting organizations.