Charles Hubbard

Our Charles Hubbard, Greater Atlanta Voice Masters doyen, is celebrating his 100th birthday today. Happy birthday dear Charles, happy birthday to you! This year, back in June he also celebrated 30 years since his laryngectomy surgery. Congratulations dear Charles. You a such a big support and inspiration for all and especially for laryngectomee people and cancer survivors. Our next meeting on November 11th will be dedicated to Charles Hubbard's big round birthday and laryngectomy anniversary.

Here are some details from his biography, written by his son, Charles Hubbard Jr.:

Charles Hubbard Sr. was born on a sugar cane plantation in Donsonville, Louisiana., on October 31st 1910. Farm work dominated his youth, but he managed to graduate high school in 1928.

He spent most of the 1930's crisscrossing the country doing seasonal labor from Maine to Florida, and from Virginia to California. Charles states, "When you come from the sugar cane farm, just about everything is fun". During World War II he served as a Merchant Seaman. He acquired further education in Blueprint and Construction Engineering at Rutgers University and earned a certification in 1953.

In 1978 he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. On June 25, 1980, he underwent surgery for laryngectomy. His surgery was performed by Dr. Shaw at Sloan Kettering. Charles speaks using esophageal speech. After his surgery he was an active member of Garden State Nu-Voice Club, laryngectomees counselor and served as liaison between doctors and patients.

He lived in New Jersey for more than forty years before moving to College Park, GA. When he moved to Georgia in 1987, he met Jane Delvecchio and became an active member of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters. He is a familiar face in almost every Metro-Atlanta hospital, where he spent time talking, listening, and counseling cancer patients including his fellow laryngectomees. Presently patients and families who are referred by there doctors come to his home and he talks with the patient and the family. He states, "I talk with the family because the whole family is involved in recovery".

The complete article about our Charles Hubbard written by his son Charles Hubbard Jr., including Charles' Resume, can be found here