Charles Hubbard Appreciation Day

At our November meeting we celebrated Mr. Charles Hubbard's 100th birthday. Mr. Hubbard is the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters member who has been the club member and cancer survivor the longest. He has been a member since 1987 and cancer survivor for more than 30 years. Congratulations!!!

Our small group came together on November 11th to say thanks to the man who was one of the founders of the modern Greater Atlanta Voice Masters together with Clubs "mother" Jane DelVechio. Charles Hubbard has been a laryngectomee since June 1980 and he speaks using esophageal speech. He had his surgery at New Jersey Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and was member of Garden State Nu-Voice Club. In 1987 he moved to Georgia and became a member of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters. For all these 23 years Charles was a very active in the Club activities. He visited hundreds of laryngectomees in Metro Atlanta hospitals and has also worked together with doctors and speech pathologists. He served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters and the International Association of Laryngectomees.

We all had a great time, sharing birthday cake and friendship with Charles. He was and still is a big inspiration for every lariyngectomee and cancer survivor. We all remember the day when we first met him at a Masters meetings. When Charles tells you his life story from childhood at the sugar cane plantation in Donsonville, Louisiana to being a retired construction superintendent with decades of cancer survivorship you just cannot give up. His story moves you to fight back against cancer.

On Sunday November 21st the Friendship Community Church in College Park celebrate Charles Hubbard's 100th birthday with a big, well attended birthday party. There was Charles' Family and a lot of his friends. The program leader was Pastor Donald Earl Bryant, Sr. and party was hosted by the Church Mothers Ministry.

In the name of the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County, Georgia, Mrs. Deloris Baskins presented the Proclamation that the Board honors Charles Hubbard's service to his community and does hereby proclaim Sunday November 21st 2010 as Charles Hubbard Appreciation Day in Fulton County, Georgia.

A letter of congratulations from Georgia governor Mr. Sonny Perdue was presented by Mrs. Angele Payne, who represented the State of Georgia. "You have been a joy and inspiration to many people over the years, and I know you touched many lives by sharing your wisdom experience with others. You have contributed to the well-being of your family, as well as your community and the state of Georgia, and I thank you for the example you have set", wrote Governor Perdue to Charles Hubbard. Mrs. Payne also presented a proclamation of Mr. Jack P. Longino, Mayor of the City of College Park, Georgia and a letter received from Mr. John Lewis, Congressman from Atlanta.

Family members, neighbors, friends and Church members talked about Charles' life, love and inspiration he was spreading in his family and community. Boris Jovanovic spoke in the name of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters, using his TEP prosthesis, but also esophageal speech.

A birthday party for Charles Hubbard was also organized in Newark, New Jersey, where Charles lived and worked more than forty years.