Charles Hubbard has passed away

Our oldest member and one of the founders of the modern Greater Atlanta Voice Masters, Mr. Charles Hubbard , Jr., 100, of College Park, GA passed on February 25, 2011 after a short illness. His funeral service was held on March 7th at Friendship Community Church in College Park. He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery in College Park, GA. On the memorial service for Charles in name of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters our Board member Boris Jovanovic expressed reflections on Mr. Hubbard:

Charles Hubbard is my friend and he will be my friend forever. Today we miss his bright smile, warm hug and to shake his huge hand, but we can still feel his love and friendship.

Charles was dedicated to helping other human beings. He visited hundreds of Metro Atlanta hospital patients diagnosed with cancer and talked with them and family members. Only one who is touched with cancer knows the value of this. Only one who is completely mute after laryngectomy surgery knows what it means to hear from somebody else: "I have had the same type of surgery decades ago. Don't worry, you will be able to talk again."

I met Charles eleven years ago just a few months after my laryngectomy surgery. In that time I was not able to talk without an electronic device. People have barely been able to understand me. I was still scared about my 50:50 long term survival prognoses and I worried a lot about the future of my family.

Than Charles came to me and told me that he was a twenty year survivor already and that he will soon celebrate his 90th birthday. Right away that cheered me up, but just for a second and I told him about my 50:50 prognoses. Than Charles said: listen to me son! They always say that, so that they are never wrong. They did what they have to do, they pulled that thing out from your trout, but only you can pull yourself back to the life. Don't ever give up! Fight! His word 'fight' was ringing like a bell in my mind, and that night I forgot about my 50:50 prognosis. Eleven years later I'm still around trying to do the same thing as Charles did.

Thank you Charles. Thank you in name of all the cancer patients which you encouraged to fight cancer. Farewell my friend. I'm feeling your huge hand on my shoulder.

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