David Kilgo

July 10 1944 - August 2 2007

Our former president and lovely member David Kilgo lost his last battle against cancer. He passed away on August 2nd 2007 at the age of 63. He survived his first battle against cancer ten years ago, but in March of this year he was diagnosed again with cancer and has had surgery and chemotherapy. He attended our April meeting and he was in a really good mood. As always David was spreading "good vibrations". Nobody of us could imagine that that would be David's last GAVM meeting.

We have heard that his recovery was not going very well, but we all still had hoped that David would win this battle. Unfortunelay, a miracle didn't happen. David never came back to Budd Terrace. Instead, we come to him in Jackson to say farewell our friend. And not just we, hundreds of people come to Jackson, GA to say farewell to our David and give a hug to Barbara Kilgo, which is a caregiver and survivor support hero.

Just remember the 2003 IAL Convention in Atlanta, when David was Chairman, and Barbara did a great job taking care of everything, including small details. Laryngectomees still remember the IAL meeting in Atlanta as on of the best organized ones.

David Kilgo joined Greater Atlanta Voice Masters in 1997 after his laryngectomy surgery. He was involved in many GAVM activities and he served as Greater Atlanta Voice Masters president from 2003 until 2005 when he decided not to serve another two year term because he wanted to spent more time with his grandchildren and family.

During David's presidency in June 2004 Greater Atlanta Voice Masters lost Judy Naglit and Mark Crowe. David was really touched, but even in situation like this he didn't lose his "positive thinking sense." He wrote an article for the "Happy Talk" and he said:

"I will tell you this, thanks to cancer I was given the blessing of knowing two of the finest people on God's good earth. And to call both my friend is truly a heaven sent blessing. I rejoice knowing some day we will all be together again and no one will need a voice aid."

It's hard to find better words: we all in Greater Atlanta Voice Masters, thanks to laryngectomy, were given the blessing of knowing David Kilgo, a finest man on God's good earth. And to call him our friend is truly a heaven sent blessing.

David was born July 10th 1944 in Rome, Georgia. He and his family moved to Jackson when David was twelve years old. He was Captain and member of the 1964 Region Championship and State runner-up Jackson Red Devil Football team coached by Rudy Wyatt, Fred Bowers and Don Crump. He graduated from Jackson High School in 1965.

David was a former member of the Georgia National Guard and was retired from Whitehead Electric Company as a General Foreman after 29 years of service. He was a member of the IBEW Local 613. David was a member of the First Baptist Church in Jackson.

David is greatly missed, not just by his family, but all that knew him.

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