Inexpensive Electrolarynx

At the last two meetings in November and December our guest speakers were Gary Abott from InHealth and Scott Brooks from Atos Medical. Both representatives brought us some good news about new and future products for laryngectomees. But best of all have been the news that both leading laringectomy supply providers are now offering decent quality and low costs electrolarynxes.

At our November meeting Mr. Abott introduced the all new The Blom-Singer ElectroLarynx EL1000. Dr. Eric Blom's 34 year dedication to rehabilitation of patients following laryngectomy has taken another giant leap forward. In 2010 he secured the commitment of an Indianapolis, Indiana based medical device manufacturer to produce a high quality, cost-effective electrolarynx that would provide an affordable speech option at a fraction of the traditional cost. The new device come with the 3 year warranty, volume and pitch adjustments and is operated with the standard 9V battery. And best of all the Blom-Singer ElectroLarynx costs just $179.00.

At our December meeting another inexpensive electrolarynx has been presented by Mr. Scott Brooks. This device has been developed in the Grifin Laboratories and is now available through Atos Medical. The "Liberty" lelectrolarynx also comes with a 3 year warranty, volume and pitch adjustments and uses standard AA batteries. "Liberty" is also equipped with "Hi Impact ABS", which means that it is drop resistant. Atos Medical is offering "Liberty" for $207.