Easy as 1...2...Screen...

During the nationwide Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, on April 17, 2015 from 8:00 to 12:00 Head and Neck Clinic at Emory University Hospital Midtown performed free oral, head and neck screening to anyone who walked in the door.
84 people were screened in 4 hours. Two were referred for further head and neck evaluation, two for general ENT, two for GI, three for primary care, and two for dental care.

Free oral, head and neck screening at Head and Neck Clinic Emory University Hospital Midtown was one of over 250 screening sites in the US and internationally during the Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, held from April 12 to April 18, 2015. This event helped to raise awareness and promote early detection and prevention of the disease. Screenings are organized by the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (NHCA).

In 1998, a group of physicians, former patients and other passionate about increasing nearness of head and neck cancers to form this nonprofit organization with the goal to provide early diagnosis and prevention of this serious disease. Since that each year thousand of people are free screened and many lives are saved.
Photos from Emory Winship Facebook page.