My First Hospital Visit

by Sharon Rhodes

On January 14th, I was given the opportunity to visit a new member to the "Lary club." Being a relatively new member myself (have had my laryngectomy on October 31st 2008) I didn't hesitate to accept the invitation extended as I know, rather, WE know just how scary joining this club can be.

Of course I couldn't profess to be able to answer any questions this lady might have. That wasn't the purpose of the visit. My intention was to offer moral support and to just let her know that she isn't the only one out there. I accompanied my friend Boris Javanovic who is a fellow member and has much more experience in these things. I think we had a good visit. The woman's husband was there with her as they are from a very small town 5 hours from Atlanta. For those that don't know me, I speak using an EL and it sometimes is not easy to understand me. Boris however is quite easy to understand and thankfully did most of the talking.

I think that our visit helped both the woman as well as her husband. And oddly enough, it helped me. It made me feel good knowing that I could reach out and touch someone and, I hope, help them to feel a little better about facing a very hard time. Maybe it helped me to also realize that I too am not alone in this. All in all, the visit was good and I will never hesitate to visit any newcomer if I am given the opportunity.