Eva Lukkonen, guest speaker at our June 2009 meeting

Our guest speaker at June 11th meeting was Eva Lukkonen from Emory. Eva is completing her fellowship at Emory and she will be staying in the Atlanta area. She works with Meryl Kaufman CCC SLP. Eva is also an opera singer and we hope she will join us for next GAVM party. We will try to follow her with all of the beauty of our new voices. Only one who never ever was speechless can't recognize the beauty of Great Atlanta Masters Voices.

Eva and Meryl performed great presentation for GAVM members explaining several different voice restoration techniques and devices. They demonstrated a very simple voice restoration device ("Tokyo Artificial Larynx") designed for people that are not able to use TEP.

If you are interested you can schedule an appointment with Ms. Kaufman by e-mailing her at Meryl.Kaufman@emoryhealthcare.org or calling her at 404.6786.1850