Good Discussion

We have had a very good June meeting before the summer break. There were seven larys, two caregivers and two speech pathologists.

We remembered our Judy Naglit. We lost her in June 2004, but she is still with us. She was a very active member of Greater Atlanta Voice Masters. She visited new laryngectomy patients, edited our newsletter Happy Talk, participated in Relay for Life and raised money for American Cancer Society.

Our guest speakers where Jonelyn Langenstein and Lauren Ottenstein, speech pathologists from Emory. We discussed what laryngectomees wish they had knew going into the process and what their doctors and speech pathologist should do before and after the laryngectomy surgery, or what they could have done better. Everyone took part in the discussion. We hope our young guests from Emory enjoyed the discussion as much as we did are and that they will "pay it forward" to those folks going through it now or in the future.

We also talked about some practical things connected with the upcoming summer, like how to keep good levels of moisture in the stoma during a long trip in the car or plane, how to handle mucus, pollen, coughing, yeast on the prosthesis etc.

We will take July and August off. Our next meeting will be on September 11th at 7:30 PM at Emory at the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Emory University, 1762 Clifton Rd., room 1260.