Mini Voice Institute

by Janice Hayes

We had a great meeting on May 14, 2009. The GAVM hosted the first Mini-Voice Institute and it was a huge success. Over 40 people were in attendance. I want to thank all the professionals that gave us their time and talent. So many new laryngectomees had their voicing problems resolved whether they used an electrolarynx or TEP to speak. Thank you Boris Jovanovic and Alma Owens CCC SLP for the outstanding idea of having a mini voice institute. Alma worked tirelessly on the planning. We can't thank you enough Alma. Thanks to getting an announcement in the Web Whispers. We had folks come from Augusta Georgia that became friends and we hope to partner with them again. We also had a couple come all the way from Virginia. Please see an email I received from Mr. Gary Sparks.

Many attendees emailed the Web Whispers and praised the event. I also want to thank Atos and InHealth for all their help and effort. Also we are so thankful for Tadd Wadsworth MD from Emory for his help. All the CCC SLPs: Meryl Kaufman from the Emory Clinic, Kathleen Presgrove from Atlanta Speech School, Kim Chido from the Atlanta Veterans Administration Medical Center and Inge Thomas were of great help as well. I want you to know that the goals for the Mini Voice Institute were met more then we could have possibly imagined. Shirley and Conrad did a fantastic job setting up and providing most of the food and drink.