October Screening - big success!

by Meryl Kaufman M.Ed.

The Georgia Chapter of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (formerly the Yul Brynner Foundation) once again implemented a huge free head and neck cancer screening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway during the NASCAR weekend of October 25-27, 2008. This is the forth such screening for this group and the largest one to date. With the help of over 100 volunteers, nearly 400 people were screened for and educated about head and neck cancer in just 2 days! Volunteer physicians, oral surgeons, speech pathologists, nurses, residents, students, and survivors braved the cold and crowds to get the word out about the dangers of tobacco use and the importance of early detection.

Race fans visiting the screening tent were given information about the signs and symptoms of head and neck cancer in an effort to promote early detection for this high risk population. Additionally, children participated in a child learning center focused on avoidance of tobacco use. Those who participated in the screening received free ear plugs and electronic race trackers (Speed Circuits). It was great fun for all! Another screening is planned during the spring event at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in March, 2009. If you would like to participate, please call or email Edie Hapner, Race Coordinator at edie.hapner@emoryhealthcare.org or 404-686-1850. We hope to see you there!