New Home Anniversary

Our September meeting was actually a very important anniversary. On September 8th 2011 we first came to our "new house" in the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Emory University, 1762 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30329. Since September 2009 and until we came back to Emory Greater Atlanta Voice Masters meetings were held at Saint Joseph's Hospital. In 2009 we moved from Emory to St. Joseph after Wesley Woods Terrace at Emory was no longer available. We searched for a new location and accepted the generous offer from St. Joe's Cancer Survivors' Network to use the very nice facilities there.

We are all thankful for this opportunity. But since we moved from Emory to St. Joseph we have had very few people attending the meetings. Thanks to our vice president Stanley Wilson, who is an Emory employee we found a way to come back to Emory and our new home is a very nice meeting room at the Emory Environmental Health and Safety Office. Access to the new location is easy, we have free parking, access to internet and all kinds of technical support during our meetings and other activities. Since we moved back to Emory our meetings are better attended and more and more laryngectomy patients and medical professionals are involved in our activities. Thank you Stan!

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