A celebration of life

It is with great sadness that I have to report that long time Greater Atlanta Voice Masters member Peter Zecher passed away after a two year battle with cancer on December 14, 2007.

Peter moved to Florida about 5 years ago after he retired from Lockheed. Peter had been an engineer and worked on the L1011 and when they retired the L10ll, Peter decided that he would retire also.

Peter married not long after his retirement another long time member Karen Piper. Peter and Karen had a wonderful five years in Florida enjoying golfing, good weather and friends. A lot of Peters’ old friends retired in the same golfing community. Peter packed has much fun in those five years as anyone could. Peter really enjoyed his life.

Peter had two wonderful and devoted daughters, Alexis and Zena that he was very proud of. They were a great joy of his life. I know they will miss him greatly.

Peter was a good friend of mine and helped me more then he knew when I first started coming to GAVM as a new laryngectomee. Just seeing him getting on with his life, working and traveling and enjoying each day, gave me the courage to do the same with mine. I never ever heard a word of complaining from Peter about having a laryngectomy, or when he had to fight cancer for the second time.

I will always remember his cute German Accent and his great smile. We had so many good times. It was always a treat to be in his company. I will miss him.

Janice Hayes