Stan Wilson is our new vice president / November meeting

Mr. Stanley Wilson is new Greater Atlanta Voice Masters vice-president and visitors coordinator. He accepted this position on our November 2011 meetinmg. To contact Mr. Wilson and schedule an preoperative or postoperative hospital visit please call please call 770.312.6404, or e-mail at

Our guest speaker for the November meeting was Mr. Garry Abbott, Product Education and Support Specialist from Inhealth Technologies. Mr. Abbott introduced several already developed and upcoming new products from the Bloom-Singer Voice Restoration Systems. He brought very good news for new laryngectomy patients. Very soon Inhealth Technologies will offer the new Blom-Singer electrolarynx that would provide an affordable speech option at a fraction of the traditional cost.

In the second part of the meeting Mr. Stanley Wilson was elected as the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters vice-president. Before this election, at our September meeting we were talking about the necessity of getting some "fresh blood" into the Club leadership and activities. Since our last election we lost four board members and we also need some fresh ideas about future Club activities. So, we declared all our officers and Board members positions as open for our new members. Anyone who is in the position to spent some of his time to help keep running this great Club and Support group is welcome. Mr. Wilson is the first one who has accepted this offer and he is now our new Club Vice-president and Visitors coordinator.