One pretty usual summer story

by Boris Jovanovic

Last year in the August I posted my summer story about a whale shark in the Gulf of Mexico. That was a great once in lifetime experience and I have had a lot of response from the people reading the story and watching the video clip on YouTube. This summer was not that exciting, but I again have a story.

In the last few years I have been practicing swimming in the swimming pool shallow end, and I enjoyed swimming this summer as well. About an hour or two before I go to the pool I chane my stoma dressing. Provox XtraBase in combination with XtraFlow HME works best for me. I'm just pushing the filter with my left hand, and swimming with the right hand. When I need air I have to stop swimming and touch the bottom. It is very important for us laryngectomee swimmers to keep in mind that we always must stay in the shallow end of swimming pools.

This year I went on fishing trips in the Gulf of Mexico twice and I have had a great time, even as everybody on the boat was worried because of the BP oil spill. In the middle of June we caught a lot of good fish. Destin beaches where still intact, but some oil was already discovered on the Pensacola beaches and we worried that he same will happen soon on the Destin beaches as well. We scheduled next trip for the last week of July, hoping that a fishing trip would be possible. Fortunately, Destin beaches were just sporadically affected by the oil and we boarded "Dead Fish" charter boat with Captain Larry, just a day after tropical storm Bonnie landed in the Gulf. Water was still a bit rough, but that was not a problem for Larry.

This time we have two deep sea fishing beginners. My son Srdjan and my niece Mirjana, both involved in maintaining this website, joined us, and both were very successful and enjoyed pulling triggers from the water. Both of them already looking forward for the next deep sea fishing trip. As you can see, my 2010 summer story is pretty usual, but we still have "a piece of summer" left and I maybe will do update.