Summer Story

by Boris Jovanovic

The beauty of the whale shark
First yellow and brown leaves are falling down from the trees and students are going back to school. This means that summer is almost over. GAVM summer break will also end soon and we will come together to our September meeting. I hope that everyone will bring good summer stories and nice pictures to share. I will do it too, but I can not wait until September to tell you my summer story. So, I'm using web guy privilege and posting my story here. But if you have interesting stories and pictures please e-mail it to me and I will post it for you. We have enough room for everybody.

4x2 ft. mouth: imagine what a kiss that would be
On Thursday, August 13th our well established deep sea fishing team come together again at Destin's "Dead Fish" charter boat: Captain Larry, Marshall, John, Phyl an I. Our goal was to catch some red snappers before the season is over. As usual, we took off from Grayton Beach near Destin. We were already aware - from a You Tube video - that there has been a sighting of a huge whale shark near Grayton Beach and we hoped that maybe we will have this one time in life opportunity to see the largest fish in the world swimming in the ocean.

Swimming with the shark - Captain Larry
After just a few miles we saw huge blades cutting the water surface. "That's him," said Captain Larry, and John agreed with loud and happy yelling. Captain Larry took our small fishing boat very close to the Whale Shark and it was an amazing show. Fish is about 30 - 35 foot long, weighing probably near ten tons and was swimming around the boat showing to us all the beauty, elegance and power. Everybody was speechless, as if everybody had lost his voice box just like me. After a moment of silence, I heard myself saying "Wow!"out loud even and have not closed my stoma without a hands-free device.

Swimming with the shark - Marshall
Captain Larry and Marshall, our fishing group doyen, jumped in the water and swam with the whale shark for good fifteen or twenty minutes... Of course, because of my stoma I was not able to join them, but I was not jealous... I was just happy to be there and to be a part of something beautiful. I took my small pocket digital camera and tried to make some good pictures and even a video clip. At that moment I was sorry about my decision not to take my new 15X optical zoom digital camera to the boat... But it turned out I made pretty good pics and a not too bad video clip, but very short...

A + B + C = Grayton Beach whale shark
When we said our good byes to the big fish and started fishing I was a successful fisherman like never before... I pulled one red snapper after another and finally a twenty one pound King Mackerel, the biggest fish we caught during this fishing trip. I was feeling like the ocean wanted to give me satisfaction for not having had the opportunity to swim with the whale shark...

John, Marshall, Boris & Phyl
Next morning I saw another sign that ocean is in love with me and has appreciation for my decision to come to the water again even though I can not swim after laringectomy surgery. I went down to the beach and water in Gulf of Mexico was calm and sparkling clear as never before. Excellent conditions for "larry" swimmers. I was enjoying swimming for a few hours. I simply closed my stoma with the left, and moved the water with the right hand... I have the same feeling as many years ago when I, as a young boy, learned to swim in my home town river Sava... And Sava is a big river which was and still is pagan God Savus, and Sava is as holly river recognized also by Greeks and Romans...

The Ocean gave me a King Mackerel as a gift
Maybe, God Savus put me on the Captain Larry's boat to see the whale shark and help me to feel free and safe on the ocean even though I am a laryngcetomee...