GAVM Holiday Party

by Fuzzy Buck

The Christmas party went off without a hitch and was a lot of fun for all who attended. We had one new couple attend and several of us old ones. The new couple are Sharon and Craig Rhodes. Sharon has only been a "Lary" for about three months at the time of the party. They seem to be a very fun and interesting couple and their company was enjoyed by us all. As usual Shirely and Conrad had the food laid out and it was very good. We all brought a 10 dollar gift and played the "White Elephant Gift Exchange Game," which is always a hoot and was hosted by Emily, my wife, who seemed to be the only one that could remember the rules. Boris, Conrad, and Myself made little talks and we all discussed many things about being "Laries" as well as anything else that came into our minds. It was quite an entertaining afternoon with everyone there taking part in the discussions. We wished each other "Merry Christmas" and went our separate ways, much better off than when we arrived.