Yul Brynner Survivors Banquet

The Yul Brynner Survivor Banquet on May 10th was a wonderful evening of fellowship and celebration. The head and neck cancer survivors who attended and the doctors, nurses and speech therapist all shared a delicious meal together. Alma Owens, Speech Pathologist at Emory, was the master of ceremonies. There was an award ceremony and a silent auction to raise money for the Yul Brynner Head and Neck Cancer Foundation. Voice Masterís own Boris Jovanovic won a community service award for all the work he does for his fellow laryngectomees by visiting them in the hospital after their surgery and his work on the GAVM website. The Jane Del Vecchio Inspiration award went to Dr. William Grist and was presented to him by Tina Long, our GAVM treasurer and former patient of his. Dr Grist was very humble and emotional as he accepted his award. Many of his colleagues and co-workers came up and talked about what a wonderful person and physician that Dr. Grist has always been. Congratulations to Dr. Grist! There is not a person who deserved this award more than him. Those who have been patients of Dr. Grist or family members of those patients have always appreciated his gentle and caring bedside manner.

Also, a big thank you to David Bressler, owner of The 5th Earl Market, for hosting the YBF survivorís banquet. The food and the atmosphere were wonderful! YBF held its 2nd annual head and neck cancer screening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway at the NASCAR race in March. They screened over 200 people that day and 10% had suspicious results and were given referrals to have further testing. YBF has been invited to do screenings at both the March and November NASCAR races from now on! They will need volunteers to help with the screenings. If you would are interested in helping or would like more information about the Yul Brunner Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, you can go to www.headandneck.org/georgia

(M. Thompson)